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I am running as a lifelong resident of Mount Pleasant with a 40 year-long career as a lieutenant of the Sleepy Hollow police department and as a United States Marine Corps Veteran. 

As a father of three living in Hawthorne, I want to create a thriving community for my family to live in. I am proud to have been selected as the preferred candidate for the Police Benevolent Association and an American Legion Member.


I have dedicated my life to public service as a Marine, or working as a police officer in Sleepy Hollow and earning the rank of Lieutenant. I am proud of my record protecting residents and looking out for the best interests of all the citizens in Mount Pleasant.

Frank Hrotko in a suit

I am committed to:


  • Stopping runaway development 

  • Term limits for locally elected officials

  • Fully funding the police department

  • Unconditional support for our volunteer first responders

  • Holding the line on taxes


I have been a lifelong resident of Mount Pleasant, I have raised my children in Hawthorne, all my kids were educated by Mount Pleasant public School. I look forward to continuing my life of public service as Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor.

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