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My name is Charles Caspari. I live in Valhalla. I work for a civil rights law firm, assisting the attorneys in litigation on a number of issues including housing discrimination and voting rights. In the fall I will be working with Pace’s Criminal Justice Clinic, doing pro bono representation for misdemeanor defendants in the Bronx.

I am fully committed to green energy policy. Mt. Pleasant is currently not a member of the NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities Program. On day one as a Board Member, I will contact the Hudson Valley Regional Counsel to commence the program and begin action items to facilitate the town's renewable energy transition through the lens of economic prosperity. 


Westchester County is home to the top three participating municipalities in the program in all of New York State, the Town of Bedford, The Town of Croton-on-Hudson, and the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson. All of which I have personal relationships with municipal leaders and residents in climate advisory leadership roles, who will help me model our town's participation on theirs.


As a town board member, I will help increase transparency for the network of farmers' markets in the Villages of Sleepy Hollow and Pleasantville to increase the diversity of options to access organic produce. I would work with municipal leadership and the planning department to identify and zone properties that would be suitable for community gardening and agricultural education. Other priorities important to me include investing in Community Solar and establishing a Youth Advisory Committee.


I’m running for Town Board because, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that we have a real need for fresh faces in important places.

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